Platform Listing

Last Update: September 16th 2021

Become a partner and provide your services to our users.

We recommend all projects and partners to review our listing policy below before applying for listing on any of our platforms.

Listing Fees

Paid vs Referral

It is possible for a project to list on Altfenix and Qredit Motion without paying the listing fee.
The applicant that is applying for a listing on these platforms is required to gain at least 500 referral sign-ups using their referral link from the Qredit Motion account.
These referrals need to have at least 1 XQR in their account and they have to be voting for a delegate on the Qredit Blockchain.

Services Crypto Features Only Crypto Features Only (No fee) Crypto + Banking Features
Listing in Qredit Motion
Listing in Altfenix
Instant Exchange
Default Setup
Debit Card Spending

€ 2500

500 Ref Signups

€ 5000

Price ex-Altilly Project

€ 500

350 Ref Signups

€ 2500

Please note that some features are not active yet. Listing in Qredit Motion is in Beta.
Banking and Exchange features are expected to go live in early 2022.

Listing and Delisting Critera

Qredit is open to negotiate any kind of partnership or collaboration to provide your services to our consumers.

In any case, our policy is that we list and work with reliable partners only.
Below you will find our listing and delisting policy.

General Listing Criteria for Digital Assets

  • Anyone can apply for listing on Qredit Motion or Altfenix.
  • Project page on
  • A website and a block explorer dedicated to the asset is a must.
  • At least 1 social group with user activity is required. (ie. discord, telegram)
  • A native desktop or mobile wallet dedicated to the project is required.
  • The applicant is required to have a verified KYC account on Qredit Motion.
  • The applicant is responsible for providing us with updates regarding forks, swaps or code updates.

General Delisting Policy for Digital Assets

  • The future of the project is clearly questionable.
  • Legal issues that can impact project's ongoing business operations.
  • Issues that can impact our users.
  • Significant amount of forks by the projects team. (ie. unstable chain)
  • Critical updates or forks without notifying the Qredit team well in advance.
  • Assets may be delisted at any time at the discretion of the Qredit Team.
  • The team or project is fraudulent. (ie. not whom they say they are, minting coins)

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