Swap your old Qredit coins to the new blockchain.

Deadline - March 2022

Qredit Swap

Swap your old XQR to XQR on the new blockchain.

Qredit is a blockchain with it's own native XQR coins. The mainnet of the Qredit Blockchain went live in August 2018.
Since then a lot has changed and due to upcoming changes, Qredit will continue on a fresh blockchain.

The swap ratio is 10:1, meaning that for 10 XQR coins from the old chain, you will receive 1 XQR coin on the new chain.

Method 1. (The easy way)
Advised for all users that have only 1 wallet.

  • This is a fully automated swap process that requires you to import your passphrase in the Qredit Motion wallet.
  • Create an account in your Qredit Motion wallet and create/save your 12 word passphrase.
  • You can download the Qredit Motion wallet here: https://qredit.io/motion
  • Make sure you have a backup from this passphrase.
  • Head over to the settings page, scroll down and click "XQR Swap"
  • Follow the instructions on the page.

If you hold QPSN and/or ANTARES tokens, please stay tuned for updates.

Method 2. (Experienced User)
Advised for users that don't want to import their passhrase in Qredit Motion or if you use the same passphrase for other wallets.

  • Create a new wallet address with Qredit Motion. This address should start with an X (new chain).
  • *optional* you can create a new address from a custom network:
  • Make sure to backup your 12 passhrase after creating a new wallet.
  • Seriously. Double check that you have a back-up of your passphrase from your new wallet address.
  • Head to your old wallet (address starting with a Q), open your wallet.
  • Create a new transaction.
  • In this transaction, fill in your new wallet address in the smartbridge field, also known as vendorField.

  • Send all your coins to the following address:

  • Twice a week, we will verify and process the swaps and your balance will automatically appear in your new wallet.
  • If you think that you've entered wrong information in the transaction, please contact us directly!