Introducing A New Digital Future


Altfenix Exchange is a digital asset and fiat currency exchange that offers a traditional trading platform for pro traders with enhanced features that allows Qredit Motion users to instantly exchange their currency in the app from liquidity pools and order books on the Altfenix Exchange.

Registration for fiat currency trading on the Altfenix Exchange is limited to specific users or types of users and currently only accessible to people with a citizenship in a EU/UK country, excluding Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Other worldwide citizens will be allowed to participate in crypto to crypto trading as deemed by their local laws. As local laws are clarified, we will seek to broaden fiat access either via a third-party or direct license with authorities.

Registration is currently disabled.



A licensed exchange system with open development community involvement.
Altfenix doesn't run on wallet daemons. Any information regarding keys uses network resources such as API and SPF Protocols.

Open Source

The frontend is open source and available for all to view and contribute.
The backend is invite only for contributors. Contributors will be compensated for their time from the fees collected on the Altfenix platform.

Licensed and Insured

Upon release, Altfenix will be licensed through Qredit LTD and incorporated in Estonia. Altfenix collects fees and profit generated from the platform and from Qredit Motion to provide financial insurance for hot wallets.

Exclusive Membership

Registration on Altfenix requires an invite code, earned and given by loyal or contributing members to the ecosystem. No trollbox, coin competitions or wash trades. 99% of the users are trusted and experienced traders.

Traditional Asset Listing

Altfenix offers traditional trading for experienced traders on the platform. Trading on the Altfenix Exchange is only available to a limited number of users that gained access to the platform following the registration policy. Please keep in mind that listing your project with the basic listing package will not give any trading possibilities for Qredit Motion users or to any other random person that is not invited to trade on the Altfenix Exchange.

Partner Program

Offer your digital asset to users world-wide. Become a partner and get your digital asset listed in Qredit Motion and Altfenix Exchange. Using the banking features and debit cards, Qredit Motion users will have easy access to buy or sell your digital currency using traditional currencies or other cryptocurrencies and safely hold their assets in either a hot wallet or cold wallet. The Partner Program will only accept 4 listings per month.

Listing is currently disabled. Priority for listing will be given to assets formerly listed on the Altilly Exchange.
More details regarding the partnership program will be available soon.